What is an exchange?

Exchanges can be found all over the world at forex trading platforms australia we offer a variety of options. Almost every country has its own stock exchanges, i.e. an organized market with similar tasks. As a rule, securities or currencies, but also goods such as metals and raw materials, are traded on stock exchanges. How expensive the different commodities are is determined by supply and demand. To do this, brokers determine the prices at which market participants are willing to buy or sell.

What is a leading exchange?

The most important canadian forex brokers in the world are known as leading exchanges. A leading exchange does not differ in principle from a “normal” exchange and also has the same tasks as the other exchanges, but the development of prices on a leading exchange can have global effects. Since the price development on such an exchange leads the development on other exchanges in one direction, the term “ leading exchange ” is obvious.

The influence of leading exchanges

The most important sa brokers with bonus the world is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) , which is why it is considered THE leading global exchange . The development on Wall Street and thus also the development of the Dow Jones has a considerable influence on the global financial world. So if share prices fall in the US, there is a high probability that prices will also fall on the stock exchanges in Asia, Europe or South America.

The sheer size, especially in terms of trading volume, gives the deriv its influence. The following facts play a key role:

  • The largest companies are generally listed on the stock exchange.
  • The largest companies are internationally positioned and therefore maintain trade relationships all over the world.
  • International market participants are active on the New York Stock Exchange.

The global influence becomes apparent here quite logically. Due to the large forex brokers new zealand volume and the numerous market participants, also from different countries, the NYSE also has an influence on the capital markets beyond the US American borders.

In addition, negative developments by companies from the USA have negative consequences for their trading partners in other countries. This of course also worsens the situation of these trading partners and investors react accordingly, which influences the development of stock exchanges other than the NYSE.


We hope you find this comprehensive forex exchange trading guide really useful. An important earning opportunity on one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

It is necessary to know how to carry out both technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

To try to spot the movements in the price of currency exchange. Therefore, analyzing on the one hand the graphs and using trading indicators, on the other, inquiring about the news relating to the various states (manufacturing data, GDP, unemployment, government instability, diplomatic crises, etc.)

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