Catch a Break

Ready for your big break? Whether you’re a newbie or a surf master, here are 10 spots to scope out if you’re looking to catch the perfect wave.

Pleasure Point, California: This spot has soft sands and consistently great waves! Non-surfers are welcome as well, as it is a great kid and dog-friendly spot. Seeing as it’s so popular, parking may be difficult and the water can get crowded.

Rincon Beach, California: This spot, under the right conditions, has arguably some of the best waves in California. It is a spot professional surfers, including Kelly Slater, come to visit. It is definitely a busy spot, so locals recommend newbies should wait to visit until they improve their skills.

Ditch Plains, New York: Montauk, or “The End,” is at the very end of Long Island. Ditch Plains is a great hangout for surfers, both rookies and pros. With long breaks in waves and a food truck on the beach, what’s not to love?

Jennette’s Pier, North Carolina: Home to the ESA surf competition, Jennette’s Pier is a serious surf spot. Stretching out to the water is a family-friendly pier and boardwalk with fishing spots, gift shop essentials, and an aquarium. Great waves and a lifeguard on duty make it a better spot for beginners as well.

NLand Surf Park, Texas: Surfing in Austin Texas? Yep, you read that right! Here, the NLand has thousands of man-made waves suitable for any level surfer. If you’re new and trying to improve your skills, there’s a training center that’s free of charge!

Cocoa Beach, Florida: In Florida and looking for consistently good conditions? Try Cocoa Beach. It has a charming pier and gorgeous sands, making it a great spot for everyone. It also hosts several surf competitions, amateur and professional alike.

Narragansett, Rhode Island: There’s never a dull moment on Narragansett beach. There are always surfers catching waves, as well as kayakers, fishers, and swimmers. It is said to have some of the best surfing in New England. If you’re trying to learn the skill, there are year-round lessons for everyone!

Monmouth Beach, New Jersey: Jersey is home to great surf spots, one of those being Monmouth Beach. Part of a charming and beautiful town, Monmouth Beach has sandbars that are well-protected, which makes for some pretty awesome waves!

Trestles, California: For some, it’s regarded as the best surfing in the world. Trestles has pristine surfing conditions. The only downside about these waves is that they are so loved and can get super crowded. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop surfers from enjoying some nearly-perfect waves.

Lido Beach, Long Island: Looking for great surfing, but not really into dodging bodies while doing it? Lido Beach is definitely less crowded, and people love the clean bright sand and quiet, peaceful atmosphere.