The World’s Most Spooky Destinations

By Carlo Lombardi | August 31, 2016

Looking to be spooked this season? We all know that horror movies and haunted houses are good fun, but simply reading about these top haunted locations around the world is guaranteed to keep you up at night.

Aokigahara: Located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji in Japan, this forest is teeming with beauty. The general malaise felt by those visiting this mystifying area is just one of many reasons that Japanese people feel that the forest is filled with negative spirits. Hundreds of suicides are documented annually, making it one of the most tortured areas in the world.

Coyotepe: Deep in the heart of Nicaragua lies an old fort that is now a museum. I walked along the dank cells and musty corridors, being cautious not to bother any scorpions or bats. Nicaraguan history is rich and filled with various coups, assassinations, and numerous rebellions. In the 1970s, prisoners would be crammed and tortured within the fort. Accounts include stories of people being repeatedly dropped from high floors and men being left in the dark for so long they became blind. Not horrifying enough? Occasionally, the guards would take some prisoners for a ride in the helicopter only to throw them into volcanoes. This is not for the faint of heart.

Everest: Due to the high amount of deaths atop this behemoth, it earns a spot on our list. Apart from the staggering number of climbers who have perished on this mountain, over 200 bodies still remain uncovered from this desolate rock.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center: As a Long Island native, I must admit that this place was an inspiration for some of my childhood nightmares. The facility used to house a plethora of unstable patients, performing treatments that seem barbaric by today’s standards. The abandoned ruins and emptiness are something straight out of a horror movie set.

Saint Augustine Lighthouse: It should go without saying that the oldest city in America harbors a good deal of hauntings. This 19th century lighthouse has been the setting of many deaths over the years. From cigar-smoking spirits to little girls drowning, this historical landmark is rich in history and classically scenic.

Camp Hero: Located at Long Island’s easternmost point, the story behind this chilling abandoned radar base is uniquely creepy. It is rumored to have held controversial military experiments like time travel, mind control, and recovering alien technology for human use.

Screaming Tunnel: This eerie stone tunnel that connects New York to Ontario is attached to an old legend about a young girl who was engulfed in flames after her home was set ablaze. Frantic, she ran through the tunnel while screaming for help but collapsed and expired. Is it just an urban legend? Maybe you should go visit yourself and find out.

Sanzhi City UFO Pods, Taiwan: These rather futuristic housing pods began construction in the seventies. Due to a lack of money as well as a handful of deaths during construction, the project was halted and now is abandon.

Six Flags Jazzland – New Orleans, Louisiana: When Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana, this once-bustling Six Flags was left to rot. Though there are plans to reconstruct and rebuild the park, they have yet to begin. In the meantime, the haunting skeletons of roller coasters and game booths sit silently.

The Catacombs of the Capuchin Monks: Centuries-old corpses and a chilling, dense atmosphere make this destination one of the creepiest on our list. The newest addition, a toddler kept and preserved here in 1920, makes this Italian underground resting place the ultimate living nightmare.

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