Love Follow

By Anna Lombardi | June 19, 2017

Love Follow

As if we are not envious enough of those globetrotting while we sit stuck behind a computer screen, these accounts come with another envy-worthy element, love. Picturesque in more way than one, allow us to introduce you our some of our favorite wanderlust couples of Instagram.

Do You Travel

After a chance encounter last March, Jack and Lauren decided to team up in their travel adventures. Today, the dup resides in Bali while sharing their love and travel adventures through their popular blog and travel account Do You Travel.

How Far From Home

Chanel and Stevo met on a blind date in Spring of 2010! After a 15 combined years of working in advertising and branding the pair decided to say goodbye to South Africa, and said “yes” to the next one way ticket.

Mr and Mrs Monnet

Equal parts fashion, luxury and travel, Mr. and Mrs. Monnet are inspiring men and woman alike, one post at a time.

The Common Wanderer

in 2015 Mark and Miranda swapped their office lives for something more extraordinary. Today, this photography/writing pair has traveled over 30 countries and helps all those looking to escape though by sharing every angle of their explorations on both social media and their popular website.

Our Travel Passport

Photographers, videographers, travelers, writers, and lovers; Ryan and Samantha hope to encourage more love for the world, for different cultures, and for those around them.

Four Eyes Two Souls

What happens when a filmmaker and a model fall in love? Four Eyes Two Souls! Juhani and Katri’s excursions are as beautiful as beautiful as you’d imagine. From their blog to their video stream, you will never be at loss of content stalking with this couple.

Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastian are on a mission to give their readers/followers romantic, culinary and outdoor adventures that inspire! Their stories are heartwarming and their love for each other and life is infectious!


Perhaps the most well known of love travel accounts is #FollowMeTo! Murdan Osmann and his wife Natalia. On a trip to Barcelona, Natalia grabbed Murdan’s hand and with a click of a button their forever began. Today, the couple work on a photo project, Follow Me To, where the pair share stories about some of the world’s most unknown and unrecognizable landmarks and showing readings how to travel to a destination just like them!