5 Ridiculous Reasons He May Not Be Giving You the Time of Day

By Anna Lombardi | August 31, 2016

Is that new cutie really for you? If you’re not feeling the reciprocation of passion, here are five, outrageous reasons why he might not be giving you the time of day from our resident bro (who has decided to stay anonymous).

Vacation Home

If he has not yet realized that love is not based on dating a girl who goes to the same getaway as he, then this might be the problem. No guy wants to have to introduce a new girl to his life-long ride-or-dies. If you decide that buying a home in Newport, or wherever his parents post up as the weather cools down, is just too much work to try to scoop him up, is to present yourself as independent. If he knows you don’t need to count on him for fun, he’ll be more relaxed and open to having you stay for a while – especially in the warmer months.

Untrue Rumor Mill

He might have heard a ridiculous rumor that you slept with the entire UVA football team. If you’re dealing with a shy guy, he could be gentleman enough not to bring it up, but is turned off by the thought. The most important thing to do in the face of such a situation is to be down-to-earth and easygoing. Hang out with him and his friends with a totally casual attitude and make him see the best in you. Something that would help your cause would also be to bring it up playfully around a few people and laugh about it. Tell them how untrue and silly it is, and use your now-squeaky clean reputation to make a move.


Far too many people these days do not take care of their teeth, or at least the odor of their mouths. Alcohol, smoking, drug use, coffee – whatever it is, you need to check with your dentist and ask if you have bad breath. Don’t let something so fixable get in the way of your happiness!

Anchors or Friends?

Our friends are the most important people in our lives; we all know this. Friends are the family we get to choose. However, they do not need to be invited to every party he invites you to, particularly concerts! To get to know him better and create more intimacy, making get-togethers personal is the way to go. You can give your girls the play-by-play later!

Fear of Loosing His Freedom

Most men cherish freedom, especially in the post-college mid-to-late twenties. As men who believe in working hard and playing harder, they understandably feel that they should be kings of their universe and no one is going to tell them what to do after work hours. Show him your ability to play things by ear. Make it absolutely clear that you are perfectly fine with separate nights out with friends, and be sure not to nag him about playing his Xbox when he wants to unwind. The less he has to stress around you, the longer he’ll want to keep you around!